Varda is a strategy videogame on the near blockchain built on Galdrastafir symbols.

Varda is partnering with Narwallet to ensure staking Yield for NFT early investors and future game players. The Meta-pool tokenized staking social token will be the game currency as long as the main mechanism for staking the Founders’ staves.

For The founders’ NFT staves Varda is partnering with Paras to provide a exclusive buying experience that will lead to NFT airdrops for our first members and will set priority for creators that will trade their art in the game, in the form of galdrastafir protection symbols/staves for our cards.

The airdropped NFT cards will be tradable in the Varda NFT market and playable in the Strategy game.

The roadmap after the first Paras drop is detailed here:

  1. (August 2021) Farming html5 game for everyone to be able to buy the first card for the Varda game.
  2. (Sept 2021) Creating a customised UX as a path to port our NFT founders staves to the ethereum blockchain using the rainbow bridge and/or Aurora.
  3. (October 2021) Marketplace and game publishing.
  4. (November 2021) Play to earn implementation on the main game.

Find more details about this roadmap and how to interact with us during this early moments in the Varda website.

Earning mechanics

The involved mechanics for yielding in our social token game will come both from staking and from farming tokens.

While at the start farming will be ensured by a little preview html5 game that we wish to publish immediately after the first founders’ NFT sale, we built our game relying on an impressive social token project. The Meta-Pool project aims to create a tokenised stake liquidity pool which may ensure the APY from staking but will also leverage DeFi liquidity mechanics in order to guarantee an APY 7 times higher than usual staking on our PoS blockchain. Furthermore each time an user enters/exits the liquidity pool he gets rewarded with $meta token, governance token for the meta-pool DAO that provide a valid method of farming token for people that will use our game for trading cards, each time a card get sold for stNEAR and the token is exchanged for NEAR or other tokens the user will farm $meta and be prompted with the chance to interact and participate to the meta-pool dao.

Ecosystem Partners

Along with the previously mentioned partners that will enable the Varda community early engagement tools for staking and NFT trading we are honoured to present you the list of partnerships we are collecting from around the near ecosystem and beyond:

Two Near guilds are following and funding our project, humanguild is ensuring early dev stages to be funded and OpenWebSandBox is funding the social media strategy efforts enabling Varda to speak and interact with Freia Norling and EldritchPopKitsch to better communicate with our target niche community on traditional social media.


Our project was built on first instance to gather a group on NFT investors in the Near ecosystem, bringing value to our community of artists and giving them the chance to shine in the art market.

For this reason we may start working on interoperability for our NFTs in the early stages of our project, presumably between the first farming game release and the main game/market publication; we want to be sure that we have fundings from the founders NFTs before promising such a valuable step to our artists, but we want them to be sure that their work will be valuable in both blockchains, and will leverage their own ecosystem and collectors mechanics both, on NEAR and on Ethereum. With the new Aurora development we may ensure the exchange between the two blockchains will happen regardless to the state of the NFTs in both blockchain, enabling them to be traded as erc-721 on ethereum as well and NEAR, hopefully taking advantage of the L2 option.

Other Partnerships

Varda is exploring the Opportunity of a Partnership with Covalent for indexing our content and ensuring interoperability with other blockchains.

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