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In depth review of the current prototype — BerryClub

This guide is meant to let you understand the basic dynamics that will enable you to create a play to earn game on Near Protocol.

We don’t mean to make you or your players rich, but the mechanics of Near work in such a way for small transactions to be very useful on a simple HTML5 UI and create a simple and fun farming game.

We will analyze a smart contract and the js/rust files behind an existing farming game, berryclub. If you apply the very same logic to your ideas of game you may get even funnier results!


Hi guys, How are you doing?

Long time no talking, I know but lots has been going on in the Varda magical forest and I honestly don’t think I can report it completely!

So let’s step back to the news and to an updated Roadmap for the varda game, pretty sure this is the most interesting part for the most of you ;).

For anyone who has questions about the new roadmap with merged efforts near-ethereum and the new idea of staking Varda is pursuing using the stNEAR token I urge you to come and ask me your questions by…

Varda is a strategy videogame on the near blockchain built on Galdrastafir symbols.

Varda is partnering with Narwallet to ensure staking Yield for NFT early investors and future game players. The Meta-pool tokenized staking social token will be the game currency as long as the main mechanism for staking the Founders’ staves.

For The founders’ NFT staves Varda is partnering with Paras to provide a exclusive buying experience that will lead to NFT airdrops for our first members and will set priority for creators that will trade their art in the game, in the form of galdrastafir protection symbols/staves for…


Near blockchain galdrastafir videogame

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